Technology and performance


What sets us apart and brings the quality our customers have come to expect.


Our engine oils are made with state-of-the-art additive packages, customized to exceed every performance standard, including API, ACEA and OEM. Our products use, MOLY CRP (Continuously Regenerating Plating) Technology is a new generation additive technology based on a fully soluble long chain organo-metallic Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate (MoDTC) and ZDDP (Zinc dialkyldithiophosphates), plus a latest generation of detergents and ash dispersal technology. This particular formulation vastly improves performance and benefits over all other motor oil compositions. CRP Organo-Metallic Molybdenum additive technology is far more resilient and beneficial than ZDDP alone, providing more protection than traditional formulations used in 99% of engine oils on the market today. These oils have built in friction modifying (reducing) properties, but the benefits of the technology extend far beyond just friction reduction. 

Additional CRP benefits:

  • Significantly reduced oxidation - preventing oxidative thickening, dramatically increasing oil life.
  • Improved thermal stability prevents viscosity loss
  • Superior shear and film stability
  • Significant improvement in the prevention of sludge and carbon deposits, instead of just cleaning them up. 


API only licenses pe-approved formulations which in general are sold by most brands, as API licensed fluids.  At TRIAX, we are not satisfied with cookie cutter formulations. Most of our products are built on a foundation product but have been heavily modified to increase the oil's performance beyond what API requires, in all respects. Our improvements are being treated by API as a whole new formulation. To license new formulations the cost is between 350,000 USD to 1 MILLION USD per fluid, which is extremely expensive and unnecessary. All of our products will meet or exceed the performance requirements which make up the respective API specification, in virtually every single criteria. Essentially, 99% of API licensed fluids are the same few formulations being sold under hundreds of different brands. We want to stand apart from the crowd and bring our customers the absolute best engine protection today's technology can offer. 

TRIAX will be offering a wide array of high grade European quality lubricants for automotive and heavy duty use. These lubricants have the approvals of Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen. Our EuroSyn engine oils can be use in the latest generation of ultra-high performance diesel engines that just came out on the US market and are increasing popularity because of their performance and outstanding fuel economy. 

Our standard hydraulic oils are some of the best in the business, when compared to 99% of everything else out there, including major brands.
  • 6000 hours + fluid life
  • Triple anti-wear protection. TRIAX Powerflow HLP oils contains 900 ppm+ zinc vs 250-400 of most other oils
  • Virtually zero foaming
  • Exceptional shear stable viscosity improvers guarantee viscosity retention across a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions
  • Lowest cost per operating hour


TRIAX Gear oils offer excellent properties and performance far beyond your run of the mill gear oils. The 80W90 GL-5 LS gear oils use higher additive concentration for the protection of limited slip differentials and wet brakes. We also use polysulfate and polyphosphate EP (Extreme Pressure) additives instead of the cheaper Borates, giving the fluid zero water reactivity, preventing corrosion and protecting transmission syncrons. Our top of the line 75W90 full synthetic gear oil is probably as good as one can make this product using any available technology. We use PAO (Group 4) extreme performance base oils and a state of the art additive package, making the oil extremely shear resistant and allowing it maintain its properties well past the 500,000 mile mark for heavy duty and automotive applications. TRIAX Synergy Gear MAX 75W90 meets the EATON E500 Roadranger performance requirements for heavy duty axle lubricants and transmissions, the most stringent and high performance gear oil approvals in existence, requiring shear stability for minimum 500,000 miles.  


TIRAX Lubricants completely obliterate the 5000 mile oil change. Our passenger car motor oils, especially the synthetics can go triple that. Our fleet motor oils are some of the longest drain lubricants ever designed. Our high end 15W-40s, 10W--40's and 5W-40 synthetics can top 80,000 miles for on highway trucks. Our synthetic passenger car motor oils regularly exceed 15,000 mile oil drain intervals

One very important role of lubricants is the protection and preservation of the metal parts which rely on that lubrication, significantly reducing wear. Film strength, essentially the ability of the oil to stay together under pressure and heat, preventing metal to metal contact is essential to providing this protection. TRIAX oils are exemplary at wear reduction and the overall longevity of metal parts. We use high grade additives and specific chemical components to slow down wear as much as possible without compromising oil longevity and any other properties.
TRIAX values customers who understand quality and look for products which will keep their equipment running like new for years. Statistically, lubricants costs are roughly 3% of the total operational costs for a vehicle, truck, tractor or whatever machine you have.  The quality of these 3% affect the rest 97% of the costs. The quality of the lubricants you use, dramatically affect:

  • Engine life
  • Fuel consumption
  • Downtime
  • Cost of replacement parts
  • Cost of labor to maintain a vehicle
  • The bottom line of your business