Our company understand the importance of a global presence and we strive to meet our customer's needs in every corner of the world. We understand that each market is unique so we will strive to help you develop yours. We know that each country of the world may have requirements that are different from what is required in the US, so we will work with you to develop the best product for your needs. TRIAX Lubricants North America will work with you to develop the TRIAX brand in your home market to its maximum potential.

The TRIAX brand offers exceptional next specifications to meet the needs of today's most advanced engines as well as backwards compatibility with older models, without compromising quality.

To explore the possibilities of selling TRIAX products in your region please contact us.



Flexible engineering - we are aware that not all our products are suitable for all the markets. We will work with you to determine which fluids are best suited for your market. If the product you require is not available in our database of over 1200 formulations, we will work with you to develop one that suits your needs and at the right price point.


We offer exclusive distribution agreements for qualified customers. TRIAX offers significant help in developing and consolidating your market presence, promoting our products and developing your business.


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