TRIAX AGRA PLUS ESP 15W-40 CK Synthetic Blend

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Contains our CRP Technology, friction modified and optimized.
This product is designed for off road, high shear, low speed, high torque engines.
Direct replacement for all agricultural equipment OEM fluids regardless of manufacturer.
API CK-4, CJ-4

Product Description

TRIAX AGRA Plus ESP is late generation synthetic blend super heavy duty API CK-4 compliant diesel engine oil designed for superior performance and the protection of agricultural machinery. Contains Organic Moly Complex technology, a unique blend of Molybdenum and Boron, offering unparalleled protection against oxidation, nitration, bore polish and general wear in very demanding, high load work conditions. TRIAX Agra Plus ESP offers superior resistance to oxidation, up to 25% slower than most other 15W-40 lubricants, excellent viscosity stability, superior protection against nitration and is especially designed to withstand high load, high torque conditions, where engines have to performance at 90% power 90% of the time, conditions specific to agricultural applications.

Its unique additive blend helps extend drain intervals, optimize functionality in both high and low temperature conditions. Designed for off-highway, high torque applications operating in severe low speed/heavy load conditions using low (500ppm) or ultra low (15ppm) sulfur fuels.
What makes TRIAX AGRA PLUS ESP different than most other heavy duty engine oils and how is it more suited for agricultural applications than general lubricants? Unsurpassed Wear, Oxidation, Nitration Protection. This product is designed with a unique blend of base oil and is enriched with a state-of-the-art additive system, one of the most advanced anti-wear, oxidation inhibition and nitration prohibiting additives available anywhere in the world. The product contains Organic Molybdenum Complex and boron build in friction modifiers to facilitate high wear reduction and load carrying capacity. 

Heavy duty diesel engines, especially in agricultural applications are extremely prone to fuel, water and dust contamination. TRIAX Agra can handle significant amounts of contamination without significantly modifying its properties. Top of the line dispersants and nitrogen rich detergent system prevent the formation of sludge, keep ash in suspension and will keep your engine clean.