TRIAX AGRA PREMIUM 15W-40 CI-4 Super Heavy Duty

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Designed for high torque, low speed, high shear applications, like agriculture and off-road construction.
Contains built in friction modifiers, beyond what normal motor oils contain. Significantly reducing wear and helping offset the negative effects of high load and temperatures.
Designed for older tractors and equipment, not equipped with DPF, SCR - requiring API CI-4 or older specifications.
Excellent stability under heavy loads, contamination and high temperatures. Good performance and viscosity stability even with 4% fuel dilution. Contains high performance detergent package to help maintain engines very clean.
Usually ships with 2-4 business days. Drums and totes ship within 5 business days.

Product Description

TRIAX Agra Premium HD 15W-40 is an advanced anti-wear, anti-corrosion engine oil, designed for agricultural and off-road applications. This product is fortified with a superb additive package with Moly, Boron, High ZDDP Levels and aggressive detergents to provide unrivaled protection
for both diesel and gasoline HD engines. Provides excellent protection against acid and corrosion, with high retention TBN, a new type of TBN which lasts much longer than conventional organic TBN boosters. This oil has excellent anti-contamination properties, making it high resistent to ash,
water and other contaminants normally present in the agricultural work environment. Like all TRIAX Agra engine oils, Agra Premium HD 15W-40 is friction modified and anti-wear boosted, designed to handle high load, high shear environments and for engines built before 2007 which do not need a CJ-4, CK-4 specification.

TRIAX Agra Premium 15W-40 is designed for agricultural equipment and off-road heavy duty diesel / gasoline engines which do not require a CK-4 and CJ-4 lubricant and are not fitted with emission control systems such as Diesel Particulate Filters, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, SCR and do not use DEF. This product is also designed for European Euro 4 or older diesel engines. TRIAX AGRA PREMIUM 15W-40 offers a wide range of specification coverage for older models of the following OEM’s: JOHN DEERE, CASE, MASSEY FERGUSON, INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER, FEND, DEUTZ FAHR, HITACHI, VOLVO, FORD NEW HOLLAND, CLAAS, KUBOTA.


  • Excellent base oil and additive blend for outstanding performance in all respects
  • Excellent deposit control, oil oxidation resistance, wear and rust control in gasoline and diesel engines
  • Ideal for older equipment not fitted with emission control systems such as SCR, DPF and DOC
  • Extreme anti-wear protection for high load, high dust, high temperature work environments
  • High ZDDP, Molybdenum and Boron concentration for maximum engine life
  • Superior protection against bore polish, scuffing, bearing wear
  • Outstanding protection for engine hot section (pistons, piston rings, etc)
  • Superior viscosity stability excellent protection against oxidative thickening
  • Exceptional soot dispersal and water contamination properties
  • Top of the line anti acid / anti corrosion properties
  • Very high TBN reserves stabilizing oil alkalinity and preventing acid buildup in the engine
  • Superior protection for seals, o-rings and other rubber parts


  • ACEA E2, E5, E3
  • ACEA A3/B3
  • JASO DH-1
  • CUMMINS CES 20077, 20076, 20075, 20072, 20071
  • VOLVO VDS-2, VDS-3
  • MB 228.0, MB 228.3
  • VW 501, 505
  • MAN 271
  • MTU TYPE 1
  • RVI E2 R
  • DDA 93K214Deutz DQC II and DQC III -2010

Warranty Information

Complete parts and labor for the specifications listed on the product data sheet. Always check your owner's manual for the required fluid specifications.