TRIAX AGRA Special VTF (VARIO) - Hydraulic, Transmission, Engine Oil

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This fluid was originally designed for the military to simplify logistical requirements and fluid inventory requirements. Its a very high performance drive train, hydraulic, wet brake, engine oil and transmission fluid - ALL IN ONE. SPECIFICALLY des
Due to being required to perform a wide range of functions, it contains exceptionally high additive content. High EP rating with high zinc, phosphorous.
Nearly zero foaming, rapid water emulsion.
Offers improved shear stability vs ordinary hydraulic / transmission oils. High viscosity stability even under very heavy loads and high temperatures.
Replaces OEM STOU type fluids for all agricultural and construction equipment requiring a GL-4 10W-30 fluid.

Product Description

TRIAX AGRA Special VTF is a premium quality TRUE multi-purpose synthetic blend “One Fluid” lubricant which has been developed to meet the lubrication requirements of diesel and gasoline engines and be used as transmission, hydraulic, final drive lubricant for most modern farming equipment. This product was specifically designed for Fend and CASE Vario high performance transmissions. Offers exceptionally high additive content vs standard tractor fluids and considerably better wear protection for hydraulic systems, valves, pumps, hoses. Variable viscosity characteristics make it possible to use in both very high and very low ambient temperatures. TRIAX AGRA Special VTFF is also designed for transmission / differential systems with incorporated, immersed wet brakes. TRIAX AGRA Special VTF can be used all year round, providing a perfect cold start, reduces friction and keep the engine clean. It allows an optimum drain interval. TRIAX AGRA Special VTF0 also offers a perfect protection against corrosion, oxidation and wear, even under extreme high loads in transmissions. A optimum level of detergent and dispersants keep the oil and the system clean from any impurities.


FARM AND CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT TRANSMISSIONS / HYDRAULIC SYSTEM / WET BRAKES - Ideal for systems with one reservoir for hydraulic / transmission

  • Hidrostatic transmissions GL-4 gear lubricant
  • Hydraulic systems - all hydraulic systems.


  • TRIAX AGRA Special VTF is recommended as an engine oil for farming equipment requiring a CI-4 specification (Farming Applications Only) service. It offers outstanding protection for older engines, built before 2007, which are not fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters or SCR (Selective Catalitic Reduction).


  • Superior protection for ultra-heavy, high dust, high temperature work environments
  • Superior viscosity stability excellent protection against oxidative thickening
  • High VI Index maximizes fluid stability during long operating hours and high temperature operations
  • Superior resistance to contamination
  • Excellent resistance to water contamination
  • Exceptional resistance to contamination and superior soot / viscosity control
  • High TBN protects against acid buildup and corrosion
  • High foaming resistance, contains foam inhibitors
  • Superior protection for hydraulic seal integrity and hydraulic pump parts
  • Outstanding deposit control and hydraulic system cleanliness
  • High levels of Zinc and Phosphorus for maximum anti-wear protection, under heavy loads
  • Facilitates the smooth operations of wet brake systems, preventing chatter and glazing


Diesel Engines - 10W-40 Viscosity Range

  • API CF-4 - Diesel
  • API SF - Gasoline
  • ACEA E3-96

Transmissions / Final Drive / Wet Brakes / Hydraulic 

  • FEND / CASE Vario Transmissions
  • CASE-IH MS-1204,6,7,9
  • Massey Ferguson M 1139 / 1144 / 1145
  • MB 227.1 / MB 228.1
  • Case New Holland MAT 3525 / 3526
  • Ford M2C-159-B, C
  • Ford NH 82009201,2,3
  • Ford M2C86B,C, 134D,
  • Caterpillar TO-2
  • John Deere JDM J27
  • ZF TE-ML-06A,B,C,R, 07B
  • Allison C3, C4
  • API GL-4
  • HVLP-D 68 - DIN 51 524 - 3