TRIAX PROTECTION PLUS 5W-30 Synthetic Blend High Mileage

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Over time components made of rubber degrade due to high engine temperatures. Revitalizes and restores dry or cracked gaskets and seals.
Quiets noisy lifters, especially in cold starts.
Exceptional wear protection, with built in friction modifiers. Smoother acceleration, more uniform running engine, more stable idle.
Excellent cold flow down to - 35 F assures your engine starts without problems even in very cold temperatures.
Dramatically reduces valve train, piston ring and bearing wear. High wear is especially pronounced in engines that have a significant portion of their mileage in stop and go city traffic.

Product Description

TRIAX PROTECTION PLUS 5W-30 is a premium synthetic blend API SN Plus high mileage engine oil designed to help mitigate the problems found in engines with over 75,000 miles such as - oil burning and consumption - leaks - engine noise - turbo whine and general wear issues. High quality high viscosity base oils, with high solvency and high mileage specific additives make this product an ideal choice for vehicles suffering from the above problems. TRIAX PROTECTION PLUS 5W-30 also contains seal and gasket revitalization additives, to help prevent leaks, revitalize seals and maintain seal integrity for long periods. High film strength and resistance to contamination helps deal with minor blow by and fuel contamination issues usually found in high mileage engines. 


  • API SN Plus / SN
  • GM 6094M
  • Honda/Acura HTO-06
  • Chrysler MS6395
  • Chrysler MS6395V
  • Ford WSS-M2C946-A