About us

Until 2014, TRIAX Lubricants LLC was a formulator of custom lubricants for commercial and military applications, specializing in ultra-high performance oils with specific applications and strict performance requirements. Over the years we have developed unique technologies for high performance lubricants which provide outstanding benefits when compared with generic market products. In 2014 we decided to make our technology available to the general consumer market and developed our our product line by incorporating some of our best technology into market ready products. Thus, the TRIAX brand was born and we have been growing product availability on a continuous basis. Our products contain some of the best technology the lubricants community has to offer and bringing it to you, the every day consumer, without putting a hole in your budgets.

The TRIAX lubricants focus on the reduction of operating costs through technology: durability, efficiency, wear reduction, dependability, extremely long fluid life - overall unmatched long term performance. By the end of 2018 TRIAX Lubricants will expand to cover nearly 300 lubricants and greases giving your business great versatility.

TRIAX Products cover the following industries and applications

  • Automotive
  • Heavy duty trucking
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Metalworking
  • Marine

Once you try our products, your definition of "quality" will never be the same.