Small Engine Oils


TRIAX Power 4-Stroke 30W has a full synthetic, high zinc formulation with three times the life of conventional 4 Stroke OEM Oils. It is ideal for contractors requiring long equipment life, infrequent oil changes, and high equipment use. It has a wide application range to be used with compressors, ride-on mowers, small tractors, pressure washers, generators, and any equipment requiring a SAE 30 or 30W motor oil. It is a true all-season oil, It features PAO / synthetic base oils with - 50 F pour point for use in arctic conditions in addition to outstanding high temp stability. Its high thermal resistance means it will not lose viscosity in continuous use, high-temperature conditions of 120F + ambient temperatures. It contains a state of the art detergent pack for pristine equipment cleanliness and parts longevity.

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