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TRIAX High Mileage Oil Treatment is a specialty product designed to combat the symptoms of engine wear and restore vehicle functionality. It's a high grade synthetic product, containing a wide range of additives to revitalize engine oils and restore vehicle functionality. It contains seal revitalizers, corrosion inhibitors, viscosity stabilizers and anti-wear agents for improved oil performance and engine protection.

APPLICATIONS This product is recommended for older, high mileage (100,000 miles +) gasoline and diesel vehicles exhibiting symptoms of wear. 

For use in: Passenger Cars, SUVs, Gasoline Trucks, Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks, Equipment, Small Engines (Mowers, tractors, etc.)


Stops engine oil leaks

Quiets noisy valves and lifters

Stabilizes viscosity

Prevents oil burning

Prevents piston blow-by and oil from getting into the combustion chambers

Quiets various engine noises

Stops engine vibration at startup

Coats moving parts, like pistons, rings, bearings, valves and lifters helping to prevent wear and noise

How to Use

A 12 oz bottle treats 5 Quarts of engine oil. Ratio of additive to motor oils approximately 1 to 15. 1 oz of additive for every 12 oz of motor oil. DO NOT use in transmissions or hydraulic systems.

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TRIAX Diesel Ultra Fuel Treatment is a complete performance diesel additive designed to clean injectors and the entire diesel fuel system, provide much needed lubrication to the fuel pump and injectors, while increasing the cetane number of diesel fuel by 4-5 points per recommended treat rate. TRIAX Diesel ULTRA provides sufficient lubricity to the diesel injection pump to help to counteract problems arising from the use of ULSD fuels. This added lubrication, significantly extends fuel system parts’ life such as injectors and diesel injection pumps.


  • Recommended to be used continuously, at every fill up

  • Excellent ability to remove DW10 injector spray hole deposits and to keep injectors clean

  • Excellent detergency in XUD9 injectors to prevent nozzle fouling

  • Removes/prevents internal (soapy) and external injector deposits in Common Rail diesel engines (IDID) clean-up and keep-clean performance)

  • High quality detergent package dissolves and burns

  • 100% combustion, leaves no residue

  • Restores engine power previously lost because of residue and combustion deposits

  • Helps to prevent injector seizing, sticky fuel valves and blocked injectors

  • Lubricates fuel pump preventing the formation of metal shavings which can clog injectors

  • Improves fuel economy by 1.5-2% in most vehicles

  • Significantly improves emissions and smoke

  • Lowers the COLD FILTER PLUGGING POINT (CFPP) of diesel fuel in winter by up to 30F.

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TRIAX Hydro-Boost is a hydraulic system treatment, booster and stop leak designed to optimize hydraulic fluid functionality, eliminate or minimize leaks, noise and fluid performance in a wide range of hydraulic applications. It contains advanced synthetic chemistry for metal protection, seal restorer, anti-wear and viscosity stability.


  • Protects Pumps, Seals, Motors and other hydraulic system components. Revitalizes Seals & O-Rings.

  • Extends hydraulic oil life by up to 300%, stabilizing oxidation rates, viscosity shear and replenishing oil additives

  • Prevents small to medium leaks caused by worn pistons and seals. Helps optimize oil flow and pump functionality. Contains defoamers and anti-wear agents, preventing foaming, wear and oil degradation and hydraulic cavitation in high temp operation.

  • ONLY 3% treat rate: 1 gallon treats 33 gallons of hydraulic oil.

  • Recommended for use in: Construction Equipment Farming Equipment Hydraulic Lifts Earth Movers / Loaders Forklifts & Hydraulic Jacks Dump Trucks Cranes & Industrial Equipment Logging Equipment

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TRIAX Max Oil Booster S7 is a wide spectrum oil treatment for diesel and gasoline engines. It has an extremely wide range of benefits, in virtually every aspect of engine and oil functionality. 

  • Friction Modifier

  • TBN Booster

  • Replenishes oil additives lost through use

  • Stabilizes engine oil viscosity

  • Sludge / carbon engine cleaner

TRIAX Max Oil Booster S7 contains a patented, proprietary formulation of ultra-high performance additives and inhibitors to bring you the most advanced engine protection possible.

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