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TRIAX Power Sport 2T

TRIAX Power Sport 2T

TRIAX Sport 2T is a full synthetic 2-cycle engine oil meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and superior cleanliness. This advanced formula is designed to meet the demands of high-performance 2-stroke engines, providing exceptional lubrication, cleanliness, and protection. It's an ideal choice for all 2-stroke air cooled engines, in both recreational and racing applications. With TRIAX Sport 2T, you can rely on top-tier performance and a commitment to excellence that sets it apart in the realm of synthetic lubricants. It is virtually smokeless, maintaining engine cleanliness, preventing carbon buildup, and maintaining optimal combustion efficiency.

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Is this 2 cycle oil made for water-cooled engines like outboards/jet skis, or is this for sir-cooled engines such as chain saws, trimmers, air-cooled dirtbikes, etc? Also, what is the recommended oil mix ratio
posted by Brian Lohmeyer
The oil is designed for powersports high power applications. Yes, it will work with water cooled engines but since its not ashless, its not a TC-W3 product. The "ash" is actually anti-wear additive which is necessary for a high level of wear protection, a level that regular TCW3 engine oils do not provide. Will it work in watercooled? Yes. Will it have any adverse effects? No. In air cooled most definitely thats what its primary purpose is. The recommended mix is on the bottle back label, it depends on what your equipment requires.
posted by Brian Lohmeyer