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Full Synthetic | Dexos 1 Gen 2 | 15,000 mile life | Moly Boosted & Friction Modified


Full Synthetic | Dexos 1 Gen 2 | 15,000 mile life | Moly Boosted & Friction Modified
TRIAX Synergy SRT Performance engine oils are state-of-the-art high performance full synthetic engine oils, designed to provide outstanding performance and protection in all driving conditions and tailored to meet even the highest expectations from professional mechanics and consumers alike. These oils are formulated with 100% synthetic base oils, group IV PAO and Esters stabilizer and have been heavily boosted to deliver substantially higher performance than 99% of lubricants available on the market today. 
TRIAX Synergy SRT engine oils contain our CRP Technology with Molybdenum and Boron boosters, and High Phosphate Retention ZDDP for outstanding wear and friction reduction for overall excellent performance. These products exceed the latest requirements from a wide range of manufacturers such as Ford, Honda, Opel and General Motors Dexos 1 Gen 2 ® engine oil  specifications and include many tests which are not included in current industry standards.
Viscosity Grade:
Oil Type:
Full Synthetic
Core Specifications:
API SP / SN Plus
Ford Eco-Boost
GM Dex 1 Gen 2
Honda / Acura
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Erick | Apr 10, 2024
I have been using this in all 3 of my cars for the past 2 years. Ran oil analysis on them every 5k miles at first with great results, changed at 18,000. Quit running analysis after a while since they had obviously proven their quality. Highly recommended.
Mark | Apr 10, 2024
12k miles still looks great
Switched from Mobil 1 to Triax about a year ago just to try it out. Noticed the first improvement in the engine after about 300 miles. Significantly quieter and smoother. Got about 2 mpg more as well. The first oil change freaked me out, the oil was black after 1500 miles. Contacted customer service and was told its going to clean out the gunk from the previous oil. Changed it at 5k miles. The second oil change is still running at 12k, oil looks very good and Blackstone said there are no issues and could probably run another 10k, but I'll change it at 15k I think.
Ben S. | Apr 10, 2024
Great for F150 Eco Boost
Truck runs awesome so far, turbo spools super fast and about more 1.5 mpg more which is a huge difference considering I drive this truck every day to and from work and all the job sites.
Sean F. | Apr 10, 2024
Very happy with this product I’m been driving my F250 for about 2k since last oil change and this oil looks clean and my engine noise changed dramatically
Edward M. | Apr 10, 2024
Excellent amsoil replacement
Ran this in my 2019 F150 after I found it on Amazon, no complaints. 9,000 miles on it. We have really cold winters here in MN had zero issues with it at -30 after the truck was out all night. I'll keep using it.
Will G | Apr 10, 2024
Excellent Oil
Switched my Volvo S60 T5 over to this earlier in the year. Within 1000 miles I picked up 1.7mpg highway. I did the first oil change at 5000 miles, the Blackstone report was great and following their suggestion I went out to 13k miles. That is going from 5 or 6 oil changes a year to 2 changes per year. The cost is comparable to Moble 1 and the oil performs so much better. Between the money saved on oil changes and the increase in MPG, there is no reason not to use this oil.
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