Did you know?

This was true 20 years ago, or more, perhaps. Over the last 20 years additive technology has advanced to the point where both calcium sulfonate and lithium complex greases can be treated to be fully compatible with each other. All TRIAX greases, Atlas, Spheron, Guardian, Marine, undergo rigorous compatibility testing to guarantee they are fully compatible with both types of grease. Testing is done in 20/80, 50/50 and 80/20 grease mixes at different temperatures to observe interaction. So all of our greases are inter-compatible with Calcium Sulfonate and Lithium Complex.

This is however not true for Polyurea, Aluminum, Silicone, Ceramic and other specialty greases.  Those are only compatible with themselves.

Tackiness is grease's internal friction, how "stringy" it is and how hard the grease molecules resist separation between each other. High tackiness creates drag and friction, taking more energy to move. This is not a good thing for high efficiency mechanisms or anything really. High tackiness reduces pumpability as well as preventing the grease from entering spaces where lubrication is needed. Grease adhesion is how well the grease sticks to metal and whatever its placed on, often metals. What you want in a good grease is high adhesion with high viscosity and good flow and lubrication. You want it to get everywhere, flow freely (not like oil). All this without compromising other properties, like water resistance, EP load rating, wear protection. You want the grease to have high mobility, move rapidly as bearings and parts shift. High tackiness prevents this, reducing grease mobility and thus its ability to reach lubrication spaces fast. When two parts move with grease between them, if the adhesion much higher than the tackiness, the grease will separate in two, with half on each part. If the tackiness is very high, the adhesive force is too low to resist the pull and the tacky force removes it from the metal. When people ask for a tacky grease, what they are actually referring to is an adhesive grease.

A good example of this is super glue or honey. Both have excellent flow, low tackiness, but extremely high adhesion, they get all over and stay there. Things like silly puddy, have very high tackiness but low adhesion.

TRIAX Greases are built for enough tackiness to maintain integrity but very strong adhesion. They are designed to stick to metal and protect it. To flow where needed and provide lubrication.