ATF Automatic Transmission Fluids
OEM Grade Low Vis ATF for BMW | Audi | Porsche | Mercedes


OEM Grade Low Vis ATF for BMW | Audi | Porsche | Mercedes

TRIAX Euro Car ATF very low viscosity, ultra fluid ATF designed for use in sequential shift automatic gear boxes of most European cars requiring a low viscosity ATF. This particular fluid was designed to meet the advanced specification requirements of high performance ZF 7, 8 and 9 speed transmissions, which are fitted on many European cars (BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, etc).

This fluid qualifies for FILL FOR LIFE service in properly sealed transmissions, if the OEM does not require a particular drain interval in the OEM manual. 

  • BMW L12108 (83 22 2 152 426), BMW 83 22 2 305 397, BMW 83 22 2 289 720
  • Chrysler 68157995AA
  • Jaguar 02JDE 26444
  • Land Rover LR 023288
  • VW / Audi G 060 162 A1/A2/A6, G 055 162 (A2, A6), VW G 055 162
  • ZF Lifeguard fluid 8 (S671 090 312)
  • EAN CODE 4035134104924
  • ATF L 12108 
  • Fiat 9.55550-AV5
  • Honda 08200-9017, ATF Type 3.1
  • Acura ATF Type 3.0, Acura 08200-9016A
  • LR023288, LR023289
  • Mopar 68218925AA, 68157995AB
  • ZF S671 090 312, ZF TE-ML 11 9HP48, Lifeguard 6, Lifeguard 8
For ZF 6, 8 and 9 speed transmissions in modern European cars. This includes many BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes, Skoda, Seat, Porsche and Land Rover vehicles.

  • Excellent cold temperature performance down to - 60 F
  • High load capacity and significant wear reduction, without shearing
  • Provides a wide range of seal compatibility with all types of materials
  • High shear stability under high torque, rapid acceleration
  • Fluid, flawless shifting characteristics for rapid gear changes (sports driving)
  • Possesses excellent frictional characteristics for smoother shifting and quieter operation
  • Prevents rust and oxidation, keeping all transmission components in prime condition
  • Very high viscosity index for superior stability under varying thermal loads
  • No foaming
  • Smooth clutch engagement under rapid shift conditions and high loads
  • Wide range compatibility across multiple OEMs, including BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Skoda, Land Rover and many others. 

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Suzanne | May 08, 2021
Better than OEM
Transmission on my BMW shifts like new. Came recommended from a friend of mine who refused to pay $50 a quart at the dealer. Glad to find top notch, dealer products readily available.
Adam | Jul 08, 2021
Good oil
4 weeks into the oil change for my 2017 AMG, so far works great
John | Apr 10, 2024
tranny on roids
Not sure what's in this but my 2016 Audi Q7 tranny runs awesome. Tranny has zero delay in shifting now. Even when it was new it had this slight delay when it reached higher RPM.
Jake | Jun 07, 2024
Great products!!!
I have been purchasing Triax Euro car ATF, DCT, and ULV for my company the past two years and it's never let us down. The customer service for Triax is top notch and the products they offer are no different. OEM level products with better prices and reliable service is a recipe for a great customer experience.
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I want to use this Euro Car ATF in my 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk with the 9 speed ZF transmission. A drain and refill is about 3.5 Qts. The transmission holds about 8 quarts of fluid. How many drain refill, drive drain and refills will I have to do in order to not violate your "mixing ATF" warnings? There is no other way to evacuate the fluid other than drain and refills.
posted by Todd Dubler
Yes, from what we can see, you can. Check the product data sheet and specification requirements for your vehicle to make sure. There is no issue with keeping small portion of the old ATF, its impossible to drain everything but only being able to drain 3.5 quarts of 8 is not enough. You would need to drain 7-7.5 quarts in order to make sure our ATF remains uncompromised.
posted by Todd Dubler

As a follow-up to my original question, I'm doing a filter change, drain and refill. I will not be able to get all the original fluid out and after reading other questions on here regarding compatibility with the OEM fluids, are you saying I shouldn't use this fluid with the remaining OEM fluid? Thanks in advance.
posted by jose hanagan
If some fluid is left in there its not a problem. The issues "may" come up when you have half of one fluid and then keep topping off with different fluids. Otherwise, you should be good.
posted by TRIAX Lubricants Admin

I have a 2014 Ram truck with the ZF 8HP70 transmission. Your European Car ATF says it meets the Mopar 68218925AA and 68157995AB application requirements. However, the Mopar and ZF Lifeguard fluids are green in color and yours is blue. Why the difference? I have a lifetime warranty on the truck and don't want to void it in any way such as incompatible fluids. Thanks in advance.
posted by jose hanagan
The color of the fluid has nothing to do with the specs it meets or what it does. As much as a car's color has any bearing on its performance :) Its a way to make sure people do not use it as motor oil. Our CVT is green, this one is blue. Yes, you can use it for the Mopar applications you listed - including your truck.
posted by TRIAX Lubricants Admin

Can i mix it with mopar 8&9 ATF?
posted by Vadzim Savichenka
We do not recommend mixing ATFs at any point. Even though ATfs many meet the same specification, they may have different chemistry which can result in unpredictable results.
posted by TRIAX Lubricants Admin

Will it be alright to top off my transmission with this oil? Transmission uses 8 and 9 speed atf
posted by Isai Bran
We do not recommend mixing ATFs at any point. Even though ATfs many meet the same specification, they may have different chemistry which can result in unpredictable results. Do a complete changeout.
posted by TRIAX Lubricants Admin