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High TBN, Friction Modified Full Synthetic for Gasoline European Cars


High TBN, Friction Modified Full Synthetic for Gasoline European Cars

TRIAX Euro LX 5W-40 Full Synthetic is a medium saps, high shear high thermal stability engine oil designed for gasoline and powered European cars (without DPF) requiring a 5W-40 viscosity grade engine oil. This product has exceptionally high shear stability under high torque and horsepower, high TBN and unmatched resistance to thermal breakdown. It is formulated with full synthetic ultra pure synthetic base oils and PAO, high ZDDP and molybdenum friction modifiers, state of the art detergency and exceptionally low volatility under high thermal stress. TRIAX EURO LX 5W-40 offers exceptionally long drain intervals, up to 25,000 miles (twice the OEM standard service intervals) for gasoline passenger cars and SUVs from Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, BMW and many other OEMs all while delivering anti-wear protection like no other.

Viscosity Grade:
Core Specifications:
Mercedes Benz 229.50, 229.3
VW 502.00 / 505.00
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Ethan | May 08, 2021
We use in our shop
Our shop specializes in European cars. Before TRIAX we never had customers asking what oil we put in the their cars, because they run so well. People were calling and asking about the oil because some of their friends wanted it. Replaced Liqui Moly with TRIAX about 8 months ago. No regrets, excellent products.
Paul F. | Jul 08, 2021
Good for M5
Put this in my 2019 BMW M5 3 months ago and runs excellent. If Triax maintains this quality I will keep using it.
Norman V. | Jul 08, 2021
20k miles!!!
Top notch PAO product. Waited to review it until the lab got back to me, to see if the oil lives up to the marketing. It DOES!!! I got 20,400 miles on it in BMW M3, little additive loss, less than 2% viscosity loss, oil is relatively clean, wear metals are virtually non existent.
George H. | Jul 08, 2021
Far superior to Mercedes factory oil
Got a 2020 Mercedes AMG GT 63 s which I got new. I heard rumors about the OEM oil being crap so ran oil analysis at 5k miles and nearly had a heart attack. Polaris labs came back with the oil being CRITICAL, aside from viscosity loss it had a ton of iron in it! Took it to the dealer and they just shrugged. They changed it out and at the next 5k miles, ran the oil analysis again. Same thing. Got the TRIAX oil, figured it cant be worse and dealer put it in. Im at 12k miles and oil is still good, no wear metals in it, im sold. I don't know what happened to the OEM oils but I guess they sell us the cheapest possible formulation to get us through the warranty period and then they cash out on the repairs. Thanks for great lubricants TRIAX.
Edmund Voss | Sep 02, 2021
not much to say
BMW 740 2019 and a Audi RS7 really really like it, no oil consumption, VERY smooth engine and way better testing than the OEM oil they gave me from BMW and Audi. Very awesome oil for European cars, but I guess thats what its for hahaha!
Vernon | Sep 02, 2021
Top quality product
Ive used the TRIAX greases before on my trucks and farm and figured if the engine oil are like that, it would be great - AND THEY ARE! No more oil burning on my Porsche for the last 2 triax oil changes.
Moncur's Automotive | May 21, 2024
Great Company. Great Oil!
We service a variety of vehicles - foreign, domestic, gas, diesel, and hybrids, cars, light and medium duty trucks. Triax has an oil for all of them. The Euro LX 5W-40 is an oil that meets the most demanding requirements and specifications for our High Performance Euro and Mopar EcoDiesel customers.
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I see that it’s for gasoline and European without dpf systems. How can it work for Ram Ecodeisel and being its a diesel what would the intervals be for charging
posted by Tim kosek
Hello, this will work in RAM Ecodiesel. That engine is an exception to the DPF rule, this product exceeds MS-12991 which the Eco Diesel needs.
posted by TRIAX Lubricants Admin