ATF Automatic Transmission Fluids
Full Synthetic OEM Grade Multi-Vehicle ATF - Widest Spec Range


Full Synthetic OEM Grade Multi-Vehicle ATF - Widest Spec Range

TRIAX Global ATF Synthetic one of the most advanced transmission fluids available on the market. It's a very robust formulation designed for maximum performance in 98% of all automatic transmissions of North American, European, and Asia-Pacific-made vehicles. The product is designed to provide exceptional oxidation, wear, frictional stability, sludge and deposit prevention, and anti-shudder properties required in today’s high performance transmissions. It is also designed to deliver excellent performance in older transmissions, far superior to older spec fluids.

Contains elastomers to restore and maintain transmission seal integrity for all seals, including synthetic material seals. This fluid meets the requirements for both a low and regular viscosity ultra high performance transmission fluid and regular vis. Its polymeric additive base permits excellent performance in vehicles requiring very fluid, low vis ATF’s.

Oil Type:
Full Synthetic PAO / Ester
Core Specifications:
Allison TES 295
Dexron VI
Mercon V
Mercon LV
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Nathan | Apr 10, 2024
No problem
Excellent product for my F250. I haul a trailer all day on all kinds of roads and my tranny temp has gone down 12 degrees since using this product. Already have 32k miles on it and the transmission shifts perfect.
Moreno | Apr 10, 2024
Good for TES 295
We have several trucks that need TES 295 for the Allison transmissions and found this at a reasonable price. No issues and shifting is good. Drivers have not complained which is great! Its a fraction of the price of other fluids for this application and performance seems to be on par or better.
Lube shop 23 | Apr 10, 2024
All spec product
Its not often you find a product that truly does this but this ATF has worked exceptionally well on all the trucks we have serviced in the past 2 years. We also use it on our road-side service vehicles, very reliable. Some of our customers have over 120,000 miles with this ATF.
Stan S. | Apr 10, 2024
Global ATF
Excellent fluid for auto shops. We service a lot of imports and have / are using this on a lot of them with excellent feedback, zero problems. Its cheaper and better than any major brand fluid and way cheaper than dealer fluid with better performance. Whats not to like?
Trucks Etc | Apr 10, 2024
65k miles
After 85k miles so far so good on my F350, shifting is still great and last winter in -40 F in the morning there was no whine or tranny sluggishness. Would recommend this to anyone with a pickup needing a good ATF.
Ronald S | Specialty BMW Auto | Apr 10, 2024
No shear
Had to try it out before we used in customer cars and changed this fluid in my car after 25k miles and it had zero shear, same viscosity as when I put it in. My 2014 BMW 550 shifts great, no slipping or sticky gears. Oxidation was minimal, additives on target without any loss. Ill test it again after another 25k miles, but seeing this is classified as a fill for life fluid, probably will have the same result. Great products.
Wes | Apr 10, 2024
Best Atf fluid , I have ever used.
This is the best fluid I have ever used.I can't tell you how many friends of mine have to replace the transmission cause they don't change the fluid.I have a 2008 Honda Crv Awd with 320,000 miles on it. Its the original transmission also. I have always changed my fluid every 30,000 miles. I never flush a Automatic. That can sometimes make it fail from shock. I just do a drain and fill , I was using Honda fluid and I was noticing that transmission was shifting funny or lazy I guess. I changed to this and it has been a night and day difference . The transmission feels like it did when new. Perfect firm shifts and quick downshifts . Try this stuff you won't be sorry ..
Ripper | Apr 10, 2024
Like a mfin Boss
I have this in my 1500 Sierra 3.0 Duramax, Toyota Highlander, 6.7 Powerstroke, and the quirky 6L50 Colorado 2.8 Duramax. It cured the torque converter shudder in the 2019 Colorado which repeatedly came back with dealer flushes of “update” Mobile 1 black and blue label LV. This stuff goes in bright cherry pink and after thousands of miles of hard towing RVs, horse trailers and car trailers it’s still bright punta pink without the burnt smell of normal ATF. LOVE IT…
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